Bright Light Bright Light - Matters : B-Sides & EPs (Self Raising Records)

    Lorelle Meets The Obsolete - Lorelle Meets The Obsolete Live In London (Sonic Cathedral)

    Psychic Markers - Dreamers Dreaming (Marshall Teller)

    The History Of Apple Pie - Feel Something (Marshall Teller)

    Fair Ohs - Everything is Dancing / Jungle Cats (Suplex Cassettes)

    Keel Her / Warmhammer - Split (Suplex Cassettes)

    The Homosexuals - Astral Glamour (Suplex Cassettes)

    UV Race - Greatest Hits (Suplex Cassettes)

    Various Artist - Itinerant Ethiopian Music (Dream Beach)

    Courtney Barnett - The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas (Kissability)

    Various Artists - Milk! Records Compilation (Kissability)

    Prides ft. Lauren Aquilina - Strong Enough (Kissability)

    Peter Broderick - Float 2013 (Erased Tapes)

    ASH / HAUS/ Menswe@r / Pulled Apart By Horses / Dutch Uncles / Johnny Foreigner / Everything Everything / Joy Formidable / We Are Scientists / HETTIE + many more - BACK TO THE FUCK YEAH! 3D compilation tape (including free 3D glasses with each tape) (POST/POP RECORDS)

    ASH - Untitled New ASH Album (side B is a C64 game!) (POST/POP RECORDS)

    Dan Griffin - Bordertown EP (POST/POP RECORDS)

    M&O - Almost/The Joy (Double Album) (POST/POP RECORDS)

    We Are The Brave - Your Ghost/Sparrow (POST/POP RECORDS)

    Cloud Nothings - Here and Nowhere Else (Wichita Recordings)

    PINS - Come Back / You Don’t Love Me (Bella Union)

    John Grant - Queen of Denmark (Bella Union)

    Tiny Ruins - Brightly Painted One (Bella Union)

    The Wedding Present – Valentina (Bad Paintings)

    White Lung -Deep Fantasy (Domino)

    TBA – TBA (Domino)


    Soft Walls - No Time (FAUX DISCX)

    These New Puritans - TNP: Expanded (Live at The Barbican Centre) (Infectious Music)

    Various Artists - Museums II/IV (Comfortable On A Tightrope)

    Cassie Ramone - The Time Has Come’ (Comfortable On A Tightrope)

    Monotony – Monotony (Comfortable On A Tightrope)

    The Obsessed - Incarnate (T(R)APE)

    Sodomia – Sodomia (T(R)APE)

    Saviours – Crucifire (T(R)APE)

    Spirit Caravan - Spirit Caravan Live (T(R)APE)

    Bastard - Bastard (T(R)APE)

    Various Artists - Ten Years of Transgressive… Introduced by Fred Macpherson (Transgressive Records)

    Various Artists including Paws, Trust Fund, The Black Tambourines, Flamingods & More - Jam Kids: 20 Years since Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (Art is Hard Records)

    H Hawkline - Salt Gall Box Ghouls (Heavenly Recordings)

    Gulp - I Want To Dance (Sonic Cathedral)

    Dereck Higgins - Way Stasis (In Fact Recordings)

    Larkian -Lunos Qza (Dead Vox)

    MC Lars - Greatest Hits (Aaahh!!! Real Records)

    Play Tonto - Maybe We Won’t (The Horse We Want To Hang)

    Negative Energy - How To Explain The Free Market To A Dead Horse (Negative Energy)

    Mt. Judge - Time’s Machines (The Adult Teeth Recording Company)

    Dear Lara – Plans (Eureka Beat)

    PoP Campaign - “HAME” (CARP Recordings)

    Vladimir Is Alive – Robots (Evil Tape Machine)

    Novanta - Best-Selling Dreams (Seashell Records)

    Mothertrucker - The Power of Independent Trucking (Carnage Club)

    Various Artists (ASH, Dan Griffin + 1 more) – Various (POST/POP RECORDS)

    Mutual Benefit - “Love’s Crushing Diamonds” (Other Music Recording Co)

    Various Artists - Bust Free 17 (Cold Busted)

    Little Japanese Toy - Death Through Persistence (Bitching Cassettes)


    Meteorit – Meteorit (Greatberry Tapes)

    Various Artists - To Fear The Silent Dream (Algebra of Need)

    Various Artists - Evenings Spent (Negative Space)

    The Boy I Used To Be RickyFitts - ‘Friday Morning EP” and ”The Common Way” (Pie&Vinyl Records)

    Various Artists - Various (Handpicked)

    Various Artists - NOW: That’s What I Call Music 666 (FUZZKILL RECORDS)

    Bleak House - Music From The Middle Room (Keshcology)

    Keshco - Freaks At A Wake (Keshcology)

    Pianct - Spill Your Guts, let Out Some Noise (Cool Your Jets)

    Scape One - Temporal Vortex (Preset Recordings)

    Syd Kemp - THE HORROR (Little League Records)

    The Midnight Rambler - Tales From The Nightshift (Lemin Records)

    the swollencheek - the swollencheek (amorte records)

    Yusuf Azak - Fuel EP (Gerry Loves Records)

    Various Artists - Number 4 (Passive Aggressive Tapes)

    3eme Sexe - BEAT Vol.01-04 (3eme Sexe Media)

    Jo Mango – Transformuration (Olive Grove)

    FUTUREGRAPHER – LP (Touch Tapes)

    DARK FURS - EP SPLIT (Touch Tapes)

    Skurgen – Gilsbakki (Touch Tapes)

    HAUNTED SUMMER – BIRTH (Touch Tapes)

    th’sheridans - Held at the Gates (Eatery Records)

    Film - Eclipse (Inner Ear)

    Mechanimal - Secret Science (Inner Ear) 

    Various Artists - Window/You don’t know (Haus of PINS)

    Various Artists – Tusch (Infinite Waves)

    General Theory of Dub - General Theory of Dub Vol 2 (100% APE)

    Halcyon Dreams – Grun (Halcyon Dreams)

    Boygirlanimalcolour - JUPITER FIST (Scottish Fiction)

    Various Artists - Gone Wishing / Behold, The Old Bear – Split (Scottish Fiction)

    Shooting Guns - Wolfcop Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (One Way Static)

    Jon McCallum - Surf Nazis Must Die Original 1987 Motion Picture Soundtrack (Strange Disc/One Way Static)

    DJ Savage - Collected Remains Vol.2 (KinetiK Records)

    Various Artists - Let’s do some things together (VERYDEEPRECORDS / Magnetic Purely)

    Baseball Gregg - Baseball Gregg (La Barberia Records)

    Dog Legs / Mannequin Pussy - sorrythankssorry / KISS ME TENDER EP (Crumb Cabin)

    The Midnight Rambler - Tales From The NightShift (Lemin Records)

    ColeFord - Mixtape B  (Secret Editions)

    Jason Trachtenburg - Let the Fishes Do The Asking EP (Jean & Kappy)

    Various Artists - Mixtapes Against Militancy: Federally Administered Tribal Folk and Pathan Pop from Peshawar to Kabul. (Pirate Modernity)

    V/A - FoxBox Presents Post Nothing. The Edinburgh Underground 2011-2014. (FoxBox Records)

    Various Artists - FoxBox Presents Post__Nothing Sessions (FoxBox Records)

    Various Artists - So That’s What Passes For Entertainment These Days            (CHUD Records)

    Viscous Liquid - Songs For Jealous Lovers  (One Note Forever)

    Various Artists - The Hi-Lo Tunez Plan: 20th Step (Hi-Lo Tunez)

    Various Artists - Orca Stalker (Azbin Records)

    Yack - Nothing is as it should (Azbin Records)

    Various Artist - Vestige Moderne 001 (Vestige Moderne)

    The Fall Colors - The Fall Colors (Phase Velocity)

    Y A S M I N - Maah’ (Bandcamp)

    Y A S M I N - Maah’ (Y A S M I N)


    Aftermath - Killing The Future (TAPE WORSHIP REC)

    Superstring – Coconuts (Contrade)

    Various Artists - Tales of the Insomniac Raksaksa (Teenage Head Records / Radio Raksaksa)

    Various Artists - Not Quite Grown (Cheesus Crust Records)

    Various Artists - Mixtapes Against Militancy: Federally Administered Tribal Folk and Pathan Pop from Peshawar to Kabul (Pirate Modernity)

    Hebrew Witches - Rustlung (Common Records)

    Harry Knuckles/Nicolas Kunysz - Split (Lady Boy Records)