Music Trends in UK


Music Trends in UK

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Britain’s music trends keep changing with time, and this has been the case ever since the 16th and 17th centuries. Thanks to the changing economic, social and technological trends, many forms of music have come into existence.

Trends in the 1950s

In the 1950s, Britain’s indigenous music was paving the way for other forms of favorite music. Upcoming trends included traditional pop, swing, and jazz. These got mediated using records and films. This change came about due to American rock and roll which attracted the youth.

There was a shift in the music produced to conform to American types of music. British Blues and Beat Music became quite common in Britain. British bands were very successful in the hard rock genre at the time..

More styles continued to emerge in the 1970s. With the rise of Jamaican music in the world, Britain began to experience new types of music that were sub-genres of this kind of music. Progressive rock also took center stage during this era.

Rock and pop music dominated the charts during this period, incorporating Jamaican and Indian music. Heavy metal music did well in the early years before pop music took over towards the beginning of the nineties.

Girl groups and boy bands dominated the charts during this era which saw the emergence of groups such as Spice Girls. Electronic rock bands, as well as pop artists, did well in this era.

British soul and pop music were quite popular during this period. Artists such as Amy Winehouse and John Stone rose to their fame during this era.

The 2010s to present day

British artists continue to enjoy popularity across the globe, taking up a big chunk of the US charts. Artists such as Adele and Sam Smith amongst others continue to enjoy revenues from all over the world. Pop music, as well as rock music, still dominates the charts, proving to be favorites that remain over time.

Mainstream music in the UK

Britain’s music genres include but are not limited to punk rock, ska, heavy metal, blues-rock, folk punk, trip hop, goth rock, progressive rock, grime, acid jazz, hard rock, Britpop, shoegaze, British folk-rock, drum and bass, Bhangra and dubstep.

What people like and buy in the UK

British people are open to buying different types of music as people have different tastes. With time, some forms of music have lost their popularity owing to the passing of time. Currently, the most popular styles of music are pop music and rock music of various kinds.

What type of music gets an artist into the charts?

The charts comprise mainly of pop songs. People gravitate towards upbeat pop songs which have audible beats. Songs that people can dance to or relate to regarding the emotions conveyed end up receiving more positive responses and tend to stay on the charts longer. Artistes such as Adele can produce songs that remain on both UK and US charts for weeks.

The British populace listens to a variety of music genres that range from ska all the way to progressive rock. The most popular of these forms are pop music and rock genres.