Record Label or Internet Streaming?

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Record Label or Internet Streaming?

Posted On11th November 2017 0

Why Choosing a Record Label in Internet Streaming Era

Many entrants into the music industry struggle with one issue: should they sign a record deal or try to make it on their own? Though venturing out into the music industry and making a name for yourself is something that can make you very proud of yourself, you have to admit that it is not a walk in the park. In fact, it could take years before you broke even. These and other reasons are why you should consider getting into a contractual relationship with a record label.

Publishing is quite tricky

Most songwriters and musicians face a huge hurdle when it comes to edition. This process, encumbered with a lot of legalities, can be quite stressful to a first-timer regarding time and costs. Publishers help you deal with issues about accounting, licensing and mechanical royalties. These matters are entirely essential and before you get a good understanding of how they work, having someone do them for you is wise.
If you choose to go in blind, you could find yourself bound to some very shady deals. Publishers have an excellent understanding of how the industry works and not only will they protect your rights but they will also save your time. In this way, you can go about doing what you do best, knowing that they have got you covered.

If you choose to do the publishing on your own, your chances of getting sidetracked become quite high. Take an example of if your publishing gigs become a success. To achieve this, you would need to spend much less time writing songs which would keep you from doing what you originally intended.
Given that your goal is to succeed in the industry as a songwriter, it is therefore wise to delegate the publishing duty to a pro.

Like in any other business, publishing requires connections. Such relationships save time and money. As an entrant, you will not have access to such vital links, and more often than not, you will be fumbling in the dark. Save yourself from all this stress and have someone else follow up on such links as you grow your music career.

Depending on the type of publisher that you choose, your publisher can either be hands-on or hands-off. A hands-on publisher will help nurture your talent by devoting time to your projects, and in this way, you will be much better than when you first joined. As you choose a publisher, take note of their approach.

Publishers know how to follow up on debtors to ensure that you get your money in the end. Think about how much time and money this service saves you. You can stop worrying about who owes you what when you know that it is someone else’s duty to do so.

History of record deals

Artists get into contracts with recording labels which market and sell their work. Artists earn money in the form of royalties. One of the biggest recording deals in time is one which Whitney Houston signed with BMG to deliver a total of six albums, summing up to $100 million. Both the artists and the record deals have the option to opt out if things do not go as planned.

Present day

With the introduction of technology, record labels have taken steps to ensure that they remain relevant in the industry. They have come up with new deals known as ‘multiple rights’ which give the label rights on the artist’s endorsements, tours and merchandise in exchange for higher payments to the artists.
Signing a record deal is an excellent investment for an entrant and thanks to the Internet, you are at liberty to find one that works for you.